Tongue Tied Laser Frenectomies & Tongue Tie Treatment

Laser Frenectomies & Tongue Tie Treatment

Tongue tie, or ankloglossia, is a condition that restricts the movement of the tongue when an unusually tight, short, thick band of tissue anchors the underside of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This condition is usually present at birth and can prevent good latch during breast or bottle feeding causing difficulty at feeding time. In older children, tongue tie can cause speech and eating problems. The Solea dental laser can be used to treat this condition in a very short, in-office procedure that does not require injections or sedation. The procedure can be done on newborns, infants and older children alike. The laser frenectomy for the treatment of tongue tie is done in conjunction with a licensed, experienced lactation consultant. The lactation consultant helps with parent and patient education as well as post-care stretching exercises.

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